Who we are - Meet some of the Ivel Rotarians


Rotary Classification: Electrical Engineering .

Interests: Family Electrical Engineering Business, Old house restoration, Grandchildren!

Club Office/Awards:   President 2014 -15; Founder President 2000 - 01; Paul Harris Fellow;




Rotary Classification: Armed Forces. Interests: Grandchildren, Local Church Activities, Sport.

Club Office/Awards: Past President 2003 - 04; Paul Harris Fellow;




Rotary Classification: Test Engineering. Interests: Grandchildren - all four!, Local Church Activities, Campanology, Computing, Golf.

Club Office/Awards:  Past President 2010 - 11; Paul Harris Fellow;


Dave A.

Rotary Classification: Retail, Collectables. Interests: Driving, Rallying, Singing, Waking up each day (but not necessarily very early!)

Club Office/Awards: Paul Harris Fellow;

David W.

Rotary Classification: Machinery - Bedding. Interests: Golf. "Out-of-the-way" travel

Club Office/Awards: Past President - Biggleswade,  Past President Ivel 2012 - 13; Paul Harris Fellow & Sapphire; Treasurer: treasurer@ivelrotary.org.uk



Rotary Classification: Administration Interests: Knitting, Reading & Grandchildren

Club Office/Awards: Secretary secretary@ivelrotary.org.uk  Family of Rotary Officer family-of-rotary@ivelrotary.org.uk Paul Harris Fellow


Rotary Classification: Chartered Engineer. Interests: Golf, Gardening, Swimming, Family



Rotary Classification: Company Director - Building. Interests: Family, Bird Watching, Dog Walking

Keith D

Rotary Classification: Quality Assurance

Interests: Scouting

Club Office/Awards: Protection, Health & Safety, and Equality & Diversity Officer




Keith H

Rotary Classification: Horticulture , Retail Interests: Family History, Photography.... Reluctant gardener..

Club Office/Awards: International Chair, Club Archivist archivist@ivelrotary.org.uk ; Paul Harris Fellow





Rotary Classification: Chartered Librarian  Interests: Cooking, Dining, Birds & Cats & an over-active Cocker Spaniel ....but each in their own place

Club Office/Awards:  Past President 2007 - 08, Paul Harris Fellow


Rotary Classification: Education: Middle Years and GCSE...Specialising in teaching Science, experienced teacher in Food Technology and Fabrics Interests: Family and friends, painting and gardening, cider making. Skiing....and, of course, apres skiing!..

Club Office/Awards: President 2016 - 17: past-president@ivelrotary.org.uk


Rotary Classification: Occupational Therapy Interests: Family Local Church Activities, Golf, Socialising, Gardening, Walking, Campanology.... (.....anything to avoid housework!)

Club Office/Awards: Community & Vocational Chair,   

Past President 2008 - 09, Paul Harris Fellow


Rotary Classification: Teaching  Special Education Interests: Travel to Unusual Places, Gardening, Walking, Family

Club Office/Awards: Interact Officer; Past President 2004 - 05, Paul Harris Fellow & Sapphire District Office: 1260 District Governor Nominee.


Rotary Classification: Design Engineer  



Sports Officer: minorsports@ivelrotary.org.uk


Rotary Classification: Dental Surgeon Interests: Home Power Generation



Rotary Classification: Health Visitor  

Club Office/Awards: President Elect, Administration Chair,



Rotary Classification: Lawyer, Commercial Property Interests: Family, Bird Watching, Dog Walking

Club Office: Past President 2013 - 14 

Fundraising and Membership Chair

Peter D.

Rotary Classification: Estate Agent  Interests: A really good wine! Club Office/Awards: Past President 2002 - 03, Past President 2015 -16,

Paul Harris Fellow.


Rotary Classification: Utility Services Estimation Interests: Football

Liz C

Rotary Classification: Caring Services

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