Some myths put right

You may have heard people who are not involved in Rotary putting forward the following myths (or prejudices!) about how Rotary works:


You have to attend every meeting:

Nothing could be further from the truth. Rotarians lead busy lives and as such make sure that Rotary fits with their lives, not the other way round


It will be formal & stuffy:

The "procedure" element of a Rotary club night is kept to a minimum and you will find that our meetings are relaxed, easy going and good fun.


You need to be wealthy:

There are costs associated with being a member, but these are not excessive. As an example, we pay £12 on a club night for a good meal

The best way to find out what a great club we are is to visit a few times and try us out!


If you email our President on: you can find out all you need to know and arrange to visit us one evening.

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